Verbal Abuse – Behaviour that causes harm with words.
How it works: Name calling, insults, public humiliation, yelling.
Early Warning Signs: Teasing that includes insults.
Psychological and Emotional Abuse – Behaviour intended to cause psychological or emotional distress.
How it works: Threats, intimidation, put-downs, jealousy, possessiveness, isolating a person from friends and family, destroying gifts, clothing, or letters or damaging a car, home or possessions.
Early Warning Signs:  Pouting when you spend time with your friends, threatening to leave you in an unsafe location, trying to control what you do.
Physical Abuse – Behaviours that inflict harm on a person.
How it works: Slapping, hitting, shoving, grabbing, hair pulling, biting, throwing objects.
Early Warning Signs: Going into a rage when disappointed or frustrated, teasing, tripping, pushing, threatening to injure.
Sexual Abuse – Sexual advances that make a person feel uncomfortable; sexual behaviour that is unwanted.
How it works: Insisting, physically or verbally, that a person who has said ‘no’ to have sex anyway, forced sex.
Early Warning Signs: Using emotional blackmail to talk you into having sex ("if you loved me, you would…")