CAWES Presentations

The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter regularly meets with community groups, schools and workplaces to engage and educate on issues surrounding family violence.

Our presenters are experts in the field of family violence and community development, and look forward to tailoring a presentation that will meet your needs and expectations.

Some presentation ideas include (but are not limited to):

  • Engaging workshops, presentations and talks for middle, high school and post-secondary students on healthy relationships, bullying, dating violence, self-esteem and confidence and more.
  • Education and presentations for educators and parents on the nuances of supporting youth with issues of dating violence, self-esteem and healthy relationships.
  • Workshops and presentations on the Roots of Domestic Violence, Why Women Stay, Adverse Childhood Trauma (ACE), Effects of Abuse on Children and more.
  • Community/agency collaboration and discussions around a collaborative continuum of care.

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