The Board of Directors of The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacquie Boyd as Executive Director, effective November 15, 2021.

Jacquie brings over 20 years experience in leadership, progressing through her career successfully leading teams and working with a board of directors. Over the years, she has worked collaboratively with staff and agencies to advance their agendas in many communities in Alberta including most recently, right here in Red Deer. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic leadership, community relations, operations management, financial management and human resources planning and management.

Jacquie stays grounded in her efforts by staying true to her values and building strong relationships with her board, staff, government, funders, stakeholders and community agencies. She enjoys the world of not for profits, which allows her to work collaboratively with staff and community alike and build the culture of inclusiveness that is so important to rally a community and team around common efforts.

Jacquie is a current resident of Red Deer and is excited to stay in such a giving community. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling, hiking and volunteering. Experiencing other cultures, appreciating the environment and helping others, align with her lifelong learning objective to broaden her knowledge of the diverse and wonderous world we live in.

Please join us in welcoming Jacquie to the team at CAWES.