Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter

Building bridges to a better future for all those impacted by domestic violence.  

Every individual has a right to live free from family violence.

The Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter offers safe refuge, personal counseling, and community support for families experiencing family violence. Every year, we meet nearly 3,000 people who have made the brave step towards a life free from violence. There are thousands more in our community who still need our help.

Family violence is an issue that not only impacts individuals and families, but communities as a whole. Thanks to CAWES’ dedication to prevention initiatives, child-focussed healing programs, and providing the necessary tools for our clients to become safely independent, we are seeing promising improvements in rates of family violence in Central Alberta. As experts in the field of family violence, we continually create ground-breaking opportunities for education and awareness. We are proud to report that great things are happening at CAWES, and people’s lives are changing.

You are not alone. Read some of the courageous stories of women who have overcome abuse and violence


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Breakfast With The Guys

Save the Date! Thursday, November 30
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Did you know?...November is Family Violence Prevention Month.

Breakfast with the Guys is focused on informing and inspiring men to take action to help end domestic violence.  This event is open to people of all genders.

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